About Us:
Kool Studios is a leading graphic design and consulting firm which is concerned with design that has the ability to touch the heart. Based in Jaipur our firm stands ready and eager to assist with any graphic requirements, web based solutions, architectural visualization or printing solutions you may require. We create solutions through intensive research and by understanding the actual need of our client.
We work closely with you to understand your objectives, your constraints and your specific needs; and then go about creating an artwork that truly reflects you and your business... We, at 'kOOlStudios’ believe that simple, clear solutions are more effective than complex ones. Simplicity and clarity are our guiding principles. To bring our ideas to life and add value, we collaborate with the finest talent in the industry. With our excellent team caliber & creative and multi disciplinary process we promise to provide breakthrough results to all our clients.
In House:
We know that the best results are generated when you work as a team. Our team comprises of like-minded individuals from various professional backgrounds, covering design, marketing, business management and strategy, forming the strongest and most valuable asset of the company. We have the knowledge of latest technologies, materials and production methods. We work closely with our clients in teams drawn from different expertise and customized to the specific project. As a team we believe in partnering our client's growth.
Why we?
We are a passionate group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and technical wizards, constantly pushing the boundaries of design. We are enthusiasts, we are technologists, we are strategists, and we are dreamers.
With collective experience of more than 10 years and with strengths that compliment each other; we are constantly trying to jump the learning curve.
With a growing list of clients we are looking at the future with enthusiasm!
Creating unified design experiences for the user is at the core of our approach process. Our methodology of work includes very keen observation of the client’s requirement.
Good communication with the client is first established where a mental sketch of the design is made to derive an idea. We explore the design challenge, both intensively and extensively. Here again a great care is taken to select only those concepts that have a maximum potential for expansion. Scribbles do describe the idea as well as expansions of the same by proportions, fonts, colours, aesthetics and functionality enable the client’s final decision. Most choices made by users are emotive. Design plays a vital role in the choices a user makes. The more the user connects with the design, the more likely he is to choose. It is at this stage the idea reaches a refined form. We constantly search for creative solutions to enhance the look, the feel and the function of our design subjects. We are trained to think and master unconventional design solutions.